1. T

    iShowU Audio Capture.... How do you monitor the audio?

    On a Mac, to record the internal audio you have to download something called iShowU Audio Capture and set it as input/output within your audio settings. This allows for audio to be captured, but you cannot hear the audio since you have turned off/switched the audio output. …. Any suggestions...
  2. S

    Connecting Zoom Audio with macOS Big Sur

    I just upgraded my mac to Big Sur, I tried to use the program iShowU to connect my zoom audio (after doing a screen capture) to OBS- except I found that iShowU is only compatible with Catalina. Anyone know of any other program that is compatible with Big Sur? Or another way I can connect the...
  3. emilvsn

    Issues with catching audio from Wine.

    Hello, I'm having some issues with recording audio from osu! in wine. I'm using iShowU to capture my desktop audio, but it does not show that there's audio. I hope someone has a answer to this problem, thank you.
  4. Z

    Persistent zoom audio problem

    I cannot get zoom audio to work as an audio input in OBS on mac. The built-in mic brings in a lot of static. I have tried using iShowU, virtual cable, and some other things, none work. I need to host a zoom webinar with two other guests (I'll be hosting with camera off) via OBS, and would live...
  5. A

    Question / Help Problems Recording Discord Audio Using iShowU Audio Capture

    Hello! I'm having problems Recording Discord Audio Using iShowU Audio Capture. I would really appreciate any advice and assistance with solving this issue please. It's very frustrating. Since February 2020 everything we usually use to stream and record our audio and video has been beset with...
  6. S

    Question / Help No audio input whatsoever (/w settings screenshots)

    I wanted to record my system audio in OBS using IShowUCapture. Yesterday, after having spent 3 hours (not my ideal day off!) tweaking settings and trying several different instruction sets, I was successful in having OBS capture my system audio. However, this morning I launched OBS, and again...
  7. P

    Question / Help OBS Mic Audio and iShowu audio not working 2019

    simply my audio for ishowu and my blue yeti isn't coming through. The mic isn't muted I checked sound settings and on audacity and Fl studios the audio can be recorded just fine. Heres my last log file- (it crashed) Heres my current log file-...
  8. TerribleHumanz

    Question / Help Mac w/ Mojave > Logic Pro X > Ishowu > OBS - No Sound

    Having the damnedest time sorting this issue out. I have intentionally NOT upgraded to El Capatian and have been fighting the OBS upgrade requests so as to give the team time to work on a proper upgrade. I'm new to all this, including livestreaming, so be gentle. I've only known of OBS for...
  9. O

    Question / Help IShowU Audio Capture is Capturing Audio... But I can not hear the audio?

    It says It is capturing the audio, But because the audio is an output, I can't hear it. I just downloaded OBS so I am very new to this so I do not understand. I am trying to live stream me drawing, but I also want to hear the music I play.