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  1. davidmcmusic

    Why OBS doesn't get any signal from input 3 on my focusrite 18i8?

    Hello to everyone! The problem is: I connect my keyboard and guitar through inputs 1-2 which let me select between line-instrument connection. And then, I connect my microphone into the input n3. OBS gets the signal well from the inputs 1 and 2 but doesn't from the 3 input (mic). I hear the mic...
  2. H

    Question / Help Is it possible to have more than two channels of audio come through OBS?

    I just got a Scarlett 18i20 interface so that I can live stream the creative process of making music with multiple instruments on Logic Pro x. The problem is, only the first two inputs are reading in OBS when I need at least 5 inputs. I have soundflower and my interface connected to a...
  3. R

    Question / Help OBS with Focusrite 6i6s

    Hi guys, I have a problem using OBS with Focusrite 6i6s: if I plug an audio resource to the input 3 of the audio device OBS receives the signal and it goes to stream. I'd like to use input 1 and 2 for the stream without the signal that goes trough input 3 (I need it for some other things...)...