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    My files are downloaded but will not show on OBS or Streamlabs

    Alright, I'm going to do my best to explain this. I bought a new overlay setup (which I can't get a refund on). I went to import the files into OBS so that I could set up mu overlays for stream and everytime I go to import the files, it shows through OBS that the files do no exist. It does not...
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    mp4 Multiple Audio Tracks import to Premiere Pro not working

    Yeah, what the title says. Not exactly sure whats happening, but i'm 100% sure that all the tracks are set correctly to be recorded separately. Like I'll play the different audio streams on PotPlayer and can hear them all solo. But when I import the mp4 file to premiere, i'll only see the...
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    Question / Help Import .overlay files into OBS Studio 24.0.3

    Hello! I am trying to import my .overlay file that I exported from Streamlabs OBS but I have tried importing the file in OBS Studio through "Scene collection > Import" but the .overlay file does not appear as an option to select. I also tried directly moving the file to OBS Studio but that...
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    Question / Help No Audio on video imported to scene.

    Hey all, I'm importing an mp4 video with audio in a scene to have a pre-stream scene going. It's basically a sort of b-roll clip with a musical track. The video comes up but it doesn't have audio. Is that an OBS limitation or a "my shit Windows 10 PC" audio problem? I have audio when I watch...