1. salsan

    Free OTU - OBS Themes Utility 0.0.6

    otu otu ( OBS themes utility ) is Node.js script, an handle tool for work with your scenes of Open Broadcaster Software Description otu is an utility to permit to export/import your theme with all files in an archive, add and extract scene from theme, and many features are added in the...
  2. N0W37

    Question / Help Switch workspace?

    Hi all! :D New not only to OBS but to streaming in general so you are talking to a complete noob here, just so you know. :) This is not a mac-specific question but I couldn't really find any better forum. Give me a stern talking-to if it turns out this is not the place for it. ;) Since...
  3. razorlikes

    Free OBS Settings Manager

    razorlikes submitted a new resource: OBS Settings Manager - Keep an overview of your OBS Studio profiles and manage them in an easy, user friendly way. Read more about this resource...