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    Failed to connect error

    I tried to stream and received the error: "Could not access the specific channel or stream key, please double-check your stream key. If it is correct, there may be a problem connecting to the server." I'm logged in with Twitch. I tried the following: Run OBS with administrator rights Bind to...
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    Hi if anyone can help me the way my brain is fried. Im running OBS on Mac trying to stream games off my PS5 I have the HD60S, Chat Pro Link, Arctic wireless headphones, and another microphone to speak to my viewers. I can hear all the sounds when I have no headset plugged in but the minute I...
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    My laptop shuts down whel I start recording.

    Hello, I really need some help here I used to use OBS for around two month or more now, and it was working just fine! Suddenly a month ago when I clicked on start recording then opened photoshop as usual, the laptop gave me a black screen like it lost power! I opened it again updated OBS and...
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    Mic/ Aux (2), How To Get Rid Of?

    Hello, I have been having a problem with the singular mic output duplicating into a second (2) version??? Can anyone help me remove this as it is unnecessary and is making the end recording's microphone sound double in volume. Appreciate all help as I cannot find any way of solving this on the...