hdmi splitter

  1. A

    HDMI Splitter output to capture card has distorted audio

    Hey guys Ive been trying to stream my xbox for a while now but ive got a problem I tried streaming via video capture card, where the video and audio was great, but a bit of lag that affected my gaming So I bought a hdmi splitter to play using the tv and also stream it via capture card on the...
  2. C

    HDMI Splitter Causing Video-Audio Desync?

    I use a 1x2 HDMI Splitter to record my PS3 game footage and I notice that after about 10 minutes of recording/just playing the game, a delay between audio and video is occuring. The video is just fine, but the audio begins to lack. The longer this goes on, the worse the lag goes. And it does get...
  3. NickA

    Question / Help OBS with Elgato recording PS3 - getting audio cracking/popping in game audio

    Recording PS3 through a HDMI splitter (because HDCP) going into monitor and Elgato HD 60s with OBS. Have two OBS windows open. One recording facecam and the other recording gameplay- that's the one getting popping / crackling in the audio. It's pretty bad log for gameplay window...