1. SimBloxers

    What would be the best settings for recording Beat Saber for Youtube?

    I have tried recording Beat Saber videos before, I get grainy, blurry videos but I really want to make the videos very clear. What settings you would recommend for recording Beat Saber videos? PC Specs: 9th Gen i9 32GB Ram RTX 3060 Here are what my videos currently look like...
  2. Kyosika

    Blurry stream with high bitrate and RTX 3070

    Hey guys, I have had this issue for a while now and it keeps on bugging me. My streams always have some sort of blurry/grainy look to it. I used to think that this is a hardware issue but since I recently picked up the new RTX 3070 I think the issue is somewhere in my settings. I should have a...
  3. K

    Stream has lots of grain on a good computer

    Hello, I am about to get into streaming, and I want to make obs as clear as possible. However, when I view what the stream output would be, recording with the stream encoder, it looks really grainy. My computer is definetly not maxing out during recording because I have 0 missed or skipped...
  4. lorentedford

    Question / Help 4k Elgato PCIE Capture Card with Ryzen 7 1700 issues with both CPU encoding and GPU encoding with Nvidia GTX 1070

    First off I want to start this thread off by stating I am running a Two pc setup My streaming PC is a Ryzen 7 1700 with Nvidia GTX 1070 and my Gaming PC is a Intel i7 8700k with Nvidia GTX 1080.. Now into the important things.. I had been trying to achieve the best either 720p or 1080p stream...
  5. Smolt

    Question / Help Graininess/Low Quality Videos & Streams

    Whenever I start a recording/stream, it always ends up looking quite grainy and all in all just low quality. Anyone know what is causing this? Here's my settings: