gpu encoding

  1. J

    Intel ARC 370m AV1 Encoding Won't use GPU in recording

    I have my recording setup to use the SVT-AV1 Encoder AND my GPU in the windows settings is set to high performance (dedicated gpu) but while streaming my GPU stays at 0% and my processor is at 100%. I have tried re-installing drivers, obs and even as far as a windows factory reset. Still nothing...
  2. M

    CPU bottleneck with NVENC

    I streamed Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn this week and even though I'm using the Nvenc encoder and OBS was utilizing less than 10% of the CPU, I was getting way lower FPS in these games than I should. I noticed that the GPU was being missvely under utilized. It concerns me a lot since it's...
  3. E

    High GPU usage when streaming causing "Crashes" and Render Lag.

    Whats good everyone! I've been running into alot of trouble recently streaming with obs on my PC. I have a pretty good rig but I've been getting alot of high gpu usage problems with the games I play and obs spiking in higher than normal for usage. I have a recent crash report from testing my...
  4. C

    GPU issue after upgrading

    I recently installed the 27.2.3 update and now am getting encoder errors that seem linked to a GPU problem. I was successfully able to record prior to installing this update. I did not apply any GPU updates since I last successfully used the recording feature, and my system tells me that there...
  5. Citflux

    OBS GPU Spikes on certain games

    Hi, So I've been looking through a lot of forums for answers and haven't seem to have found what I'm looking for. I have a few games (Hunt showdown, star citizen, dead by daylight) that will not use 100% of my GPU but sometimes I will get a stutter that will appear to be a slow down followed by...