gpu encoding

  1. K

    Budget GPU For Broadcast.

    Hello. I'm looking for some GPU options to keep my current broadcast PC going (which will be referred to as the 'Annoying Sidekick' from here on) until I can afford a new gaming PC and retire my current one (i7-7700k & GTX980 w/ 16GB RAM @ 3000MHz) to Broadcast duties. I'm running 720p60...
  2. AgentLoneStar007

    How to Use Your GPU with AV1 Video Encoder on Linux

    Hi. So I recently acquired a higher resolution monitor, upping the resolution of my recordings to 1440p. Sadly, though, the filesizes are killing me. Between 150-200 GB per video. So I need to switch to using the AV1 video encoder. I've done a ton of experimentation, but no matter what I try...
  3. markjay

    intel arc a750 with amd ryzen 5 3600

    Can I do Intel hardware encoding with intel arc a750 with amd ryzen 5 3600 or does it only work with Intel Core CPU? NVENC is just too unstable and so I need to consider moving away from nvidia
  4. G

    New Update Ruined OBS - GPU + GPU Encoder Overloaded.

    InB4 everyone says YoU'rE dOiNg SoMeThInG wRonG gO lOoK aT thE EnCodEr OvErLoaD PInNeD PoST I did already. I went through everything the post said to do AND fixed all critical issues the analyzer said to fix via the logs. and InB4 someone says "check your hardware" my computer falls in the...
  5. J

    Intel ARC 370m AV1 Encoding Won't use GPU in recording

    I have my recording setup to use the SVT-AV1 Encoder AND my GPU in the windows settings is set to high performance (dedicated gpu) but while streaming my GPU stays at 0% and my processor is at 100%. I have tried re-installing drivers, obs and even as far as a windows factory reset. Still nothing...
  6. M

    CPU bottleneck with NVENC

    I streamed Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn this week and even though I'm using the Nvenc encoder and OBS was utilizing less than 10% of the CPU, I was getting way lower FPS in these games than I should. I noticed that the GPU was being missvely under utilized. It concerns me a lot since it's...
  7. E

    High GPU usage when streaming causing "Crashes" and Render Lag.

    Whats good everyone! I've been running into alot of trouble recently streaming with obs on my PC. I have a pretty good rig but I've been getting alot of high gpu usage problems with the games I play and obs spiking in higher than normal for usage. I have a recent crash report from testing my...
  8. C

    GPU issue after upgrading

    I recently installed the 27.2.3 update and now am getting encoder errors that seem linked to a GPU problem. I was successfully able to record prior to installing this update. I did not apply any GPU updates since I last successfully used the recording feature, and my system tells me that there...
  9. Citflux

    OBS GPU Spikes on certain games

    Hi, So I've been looking through a lot of forums for answers and haven't seem to have found what I'm looking for. I have a few games (Hunt showdown, star citizen, dead by daylight) that will not use 100% of my GPU but sometimes I will get a stutter that will appear to be a slow down followed by...