1. N

    Youtube streaming started to dropped frames

    hi guys dont know what to do I been streaming with same pc for 5-6 months something like this on 18k bits or sometimes even less never happened but know when I tryed I noticed big frame drop for the first time can someone help me plz guys here is my obs log with same settings been streaming for...
  2. H


    Hey! My streams have been going well for the past few weeks, my dark souls ran great with 5650kbs at 5 hours with only 200 dropped frames it was great! Then I streamed yesterday for skyrim after updating to OBS 29 every 20 mins it would drop frames like crazy and not stop. Then I would stop obs...
  3. T

    Why is my recording lagging?

    I wanted to record my game so I did whatever the youtubers said and it was fine for few days, but suddenly the video I recorded was lagging. The video it self had so much frame drops and I am pretty sure I recorded with 200/1 fps. I did everything I could and found out if I go over the fps of...
  4. P

    I can't seem to find the right settings for me. I need help!

    I'm trying to stream using OBS but once in awhlie my bitrate drops, goes red and then my frames start to drop as well. I've tried changing my OBS settings and I would either get dropped frames with fluctuating bitrates or good bitrate but the streams would be pixelated. I am in Canada so the ISP...
  5. com9t

    Question / Help Issues with FPS in OBS when streaming/recording

    Hi everyone! Few day ago i bought new graphic card GTX 1660ti and i run stream on twitch. When i playing fortnite on 900p60 6k bitratee i have small frame drops in OBS. When i change game to The Division 2 i have bigger drops a at this moment i have drops in all game. I try reinstall graphic...