fps drop after format

  1. Trzcina

    Encoder overload, dropped and skipped frames

    Hi As in the title I've got some problems with OBS. Before I go into details a long story short - the problems started when I reinstalled Windows and they weren't present before. I was able to stream Warzone without any drops in OBS and only 5-10FPS less in the game. So the problem has started...
  2. Sasurame

    Question / Help I've formated my pc and now I'm losing FPS when OBS is capturing the game screen

    I've formated my pc and all my drivers is up to date, but idk why I'm losing too much FPS when the OBS is capturing the game screen (note: only capturing, not streaming at all) I'll use the example of League of Legends, the one who I have 144FPS when the OBS isn't capturing the screen and it...