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    File Unplayable

    I have been digitizing old VHS tapes and saving them on a thumb drive. I have successfully saved around 10 hours of content so far. I think I made some unnecessary adjustments to the settings somewhere along the way, because now I get this error message upon attempted playback of all new...
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    Please help :( VIDEO damaged

    Hi everyone, I accidentally closed my computer while recording important on-line meeting. I opened OBS studio back and the information about damaged filed appeared. Now in folder I have broken file and none of the on-line fix programms worked... :( Do you have any solution for that...
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    Obs file is 58gb but says its only .005 seconds

    I was recording a video for 4h (yes I know I should have ended and saved in 30-minute intervals) and when I was done I logged off without ending the recording. But before it force logged off I said cancel so obs was still open but no longer recording. The video file is in flv format but it still...
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    Problems with the software

    Hey, I wasn't completely sure which forum to put this under, but this seems fine. So.. When I record, my recording randomly stops. I don't know what triggers it, but at first I used to think that it was whenever I did ctrl+z, but I have no idea anymore. Also, when I go into an editing software...