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    Question / Help Dropping frames due to internet

    So I've been streaming on twitch for a few months and have only had some dropped frames here and there for the last week I've been hemorrhaging frames and I'm not sure whats causing it. Internet is completely fine when I'm not streaming and nothing else I'm running suffers any latency issues or...
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    Question / Help 20mbps upload speed, dropping frames at any bitrate

    #1 So I've been streaming on and off for a long time now, and every time when I come back my internet doesn't cooperate. Every time my ISP insists it's not them. Eventually it works again, but it takes a month or longer to resolve the issues. I run on a wired connection from a nighthawk R7000...
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    Question / Help Fps Drop While Streaming

    Hello Everyone i have good computer and good internet i7-8700k gtx 1060 3gb 16 ram 144hz monitor internet : 200 download | 200 upload and my stream settings is: encoder-x264 bitrate-8000 cpu usage preset-ultrafast profile-main resolution/fps-1920p60 .dont metter the streaming, when my obs...
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    Question / Help Fast internet but still getting frame drops

    Hey guys i ive been streaming on youtube for about 2 years never had problems my intetnet speed was 10 megabytes up and 100 down. Then i moved to a new house and i upgraded to 20 up 300 down, so the problem im having is my upload is super unstable no matter where i put the bitrate it will drop...