failed to start recording

  1. B

    Ubuntu 22.04 / OBS 30.0.1 -- "Failed to start recording" -- upon first attempt to use

    I had OBS Studio before but it may have been a slightly older version (idk). After upgrading to a newer version of Ubuntu (20.04 --> 22.04) I had to reinstall OBS. Today, for the first time, I've had a need to use it and found I needed to start from scratch with configuration and setting it up...
  2. foxed

    Starting the output failed. - Can't Record on Hardware Video Encoder.

    So I always use the Hardware Video Encoder for recording because my Software encoder lags, I have never had a problem with the Hardware Encoder until now I get this error: My GPU is NVIDIA GT 630M, and my drivers are updated. Logs:
  3. T

    Question / Help Failed to open NVENC codec: Generic error in an external library (I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING)

    I have attached the log file. No matter what settings I change or what I do, I get this same error using Nvenc in OBS Studio. I am running 64 bit OBS Studio, I have tried running it as administrator. I have run it with nothing else open and tried to record my desktop. I have already...
  4. W

    Question / Help 32 - Bit OBS Crashes when I start stream

    Everytime I start the stream, my obs crashes, and I’ve tried everything, I don’t know how to fix it, it works fine until I click “start streaming” it works for 5 seconds then crashes. Please help. btw im new to obs so please try to make it as simple as possible, ive tried to look it up but...
  5. M

    Question / Help OBS Crashes when I hit Start Recording

    I just came back to OBS (after about a year off of recording). Now when ever I hit 'Start Recording' the program crashes. I updated the program, updated all my drivers, even re-ran the setting wizard in case I was screwing up a setting, but it still crashes. Any ideas on what's going on?
  6. M

    Question / Help New Laptop obs won't let me record just ran all updates. HELP PLEASE!!!

    I just got a new laptop and just need to know what i need to do to get obs recording and acting right. Please let me know if you can figure out what i need to do. OBS 22.0.2 (64-bit, windows) log file uploaded at 2018-10-30, 19:55:45 19:54:57.438...
  7. P

    Question / Help OBS stops when streaming or recording starts

    I run it as an administrator and with compatibility for windows 7 and the same does not work, it always says "woops OBS has crashed!" when I give to start recording or start streaming. I have a rx 580 of 8gb, i5 7400 and 12 gb ram
  8. bluefrog4

    Question / Help Starting the output failed. Failed to open NVENC codec: Generic error in an external library

    I used to be able to record fine with OBS but after I updated the video driver, I cannot record with OBS. I tried changing "Integrated graphics" processor to "High-performance NVIDIA processor" but then the screen inside OBS goes black. In both cases I get the error message: Failed to start...
  9. U

    Question / Help Fail to start recording, NVEC or AMD encoders

    I have installed OBS, but I have never been able to start recording. I have updated my graphics cards and drivers, but I still have the same error message, saying to check my NVEC or AMD encoders. I have reimaged my computer recently (2 weeks ago), which also didn't help. I have verified the...
  10. X

    Bug Report Cant Stream And Record Using NVENC

    Hey guys, i cant seem to stream and record at the same time using obs, ive always been able to do this before but for some odd reason it wont respond im now getting a failed to start output error, not sure whats happening Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. B

    Question / Help Failed to Start Recording - Starting the Output failed.

    Starting the output failed. Note: If you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date. I am using an AMD encoder, and my video drivers are up to date, yet I continue to have this issue. If anyone can help me fix this, it would be greatly appreciated. Here is...