facebook live stream issues

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    OBS Broken Connection with Facebook Live and Camera

    Anyone run into an issue with OBS disconnecting from Facebook Live studio and the connected camera? I've disconnected and reconnected my camera, my Focusrite sound box, my internet. I've checked and re-set the stream key, I've turned everything off and on multiple times, and I am still running...
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    Error: "Failed to connect to server" Facebook LIVE (Log file included)

    Hello, I followed a youtube video of steps to try to fix the error I keep receiving "Failed to connect to server" when trying to start a stream to Facebook LIVE. I have the stream key correct and I have tried numerous settings changes to try to resolve the error. Will someone please look over...
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    Cannot connect to Facebook Live

    I've used FB Live a year with OBS. Last Sunday was fine. I've rechecked/reinstalled my persistent key and server info. My log file is attached. help appreciated. Log file Thanks!
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    Facebook Live stream problem

    Hi all, I am new to OBS and just tried to do a live event but the event didn't show live despite having the correct live key and everything. Within OBS Studio the stream started and showed as live, but the event never appeared in the Facebook Live profile at all. Does anyone know why this happened?