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  1. S

    AV1 NVENC not showing up

    Hello OBS forum, for me the NVENC AV1 encoder isnt showing up on the stream tab. It only gives me access to H264. But on the record tab all encoders showing up just fine. What can I do, to let it show up at the stream tab? (Newest version of OBS and Nvidia drivers installed. Reinstalled OBS.)...
  2. F

    Only Software encoding x264 available

    Hello everyone, just yesterday I was streaming perfectly fine but today I opened OBS and wasn't able to stream because everything was extremly choppy and I got 7-8/30fps at best. It literally changed over night. I realized that all of a suddon I only have the software encoding available and...
  3. DioFurry


    NVENC still not available, even past the last software update! I even tried streamelements, and nothing https://obsproject.com/logs/zlBX9fkOJCb90gMo . BUT streamLabsObs seems to be able to use it seamlessly. when will this issue be resolved? Is this a known issue and being solved? Gpu...
  4. Y

    OBS 29 Missing AMD AMF Encoders for Streaming

    After the release of OBS29, AMF H.264 encoders are not an option anymore. Recording tab has the new AV1 encoders for AMD but streaming tab only has Software x264 encoder. RX 6950XT R7 5800X Up-to-Date AMD drivers (23.3.1) OBS Version 29.0.2 OBS Log File: 17:38:31.678: CPU Name: AMD Ryzen 7...
  5. S

    My AMD encoding is gone.

    H264/AVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework) was the encoder that dissapeared i dont know why. 1st file is how it looked 2nd is how it looks now
  6. A

    AMD HD 7770 (2GB) not encoding in OBS (Windows 10)

    My AMD GPU does not seem to work with OBS. I tried installing an old encoder (discontinued) and after I did it, I could not add OBS to be recognized by my AMD Settings software (Using 2019.0816). How could I get my AMD card encoded into OBS? Here is my log file...
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    Merhaba OBS programında kodlayıcı bölümünce sadece işlemci x264 gözükyör ekran kartı gözükmüyor sebebi nedir acaba?
  8. C

    Question / Help missing encoder option

    Hello, I recently ran into this issue. I've had obs installed for over a year and never had this kind of issue before. My video card (AMD Radeon R5) isn't an available option for the encoder anymore and I've been using it forever. So now, the only option I have is x264 which always gives me...
  9. S

    Question / Help I only have 1 encoder (x264) help pls

    In OBS settings, it only lists 1 encoder. My CPU is an AMD E2-7110 APU with Radeon R2 Graphics. I've tried reinstalling the drivers, but my cpu dosent show in their categories. I've looked at other OBS posts but none of them helped me. Please help, and have a good day.
  10. F

    Question / Help I am not getting NVENC x264 in OBS but i have nvidia GPU ?

    I am not getting NVENC x264 in OBS but i have nvidia GPU ?