1. D

    Custom css for browser docks like browser sources

    OBS has an incredibly useful feature in allowing us to provide custom css for browser SOURCES shown in scenes. And OBS has an incredibly useful feature in allowing us to create browser based docks in the UI. But it seems that OBS has no way of allowing us to provide custom css to be used for...
  2. W

    Browser source CustomCSS not visible to Javascript?

    I'm working on a CSS Animation, and I'd like to set some parameters in the Custom CSS properties field of the Browser source. If I have this in the Custom CSS field of the Browser source's properties: body { --name: "My Name" ; --name-color: orange ; } I can access the CSS variables in the...
  3. P

    Obs Browser CSS Problems with loading

    Hi I have problems with loading obs browser CSS code. I see in the log that I get some errors: obs-browser: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'appendChild' of null (source: www.example.com:1) I see that OBS load CSS code after 1-2 Minutes. How can I fix that problem, to load faster CSS...
  4. U

    Browser Custom CSS Charset changed?

    Hi guys, since the last update (25.0.8) the charset for the custom CSS field in the "Properties for 'Browser'" modal seems to be changed. We often use web based overlays and change the text content via pseudo elements ::before and ::after. As germans we have some special characters in our...
  5. Aerocles

    Question / Help CSS Font Family on Text GDI+

    hello! I am running into a problem of sorts. I have custom CSS for an HTML file (as a Text GDI+ source), and the css editor works fine. However, when I do the same with just a regular .txt file (as a Text GDI+ source), the css font family specifically does not change. All other CSS commands...
  6. JohnKnightRider

    Question / Help Custom CSS for Browser Source doesn't work !

    Hi guys ! I've been trying to overwrite some CSS code in the custom CSS field but I'm having issues. Basically I'm trying to align items from an event list to the right on some scenes : and to the left on some others : The thing is that I managed to find the code that can do that, so when I...