1. Victor1990


    core 7 12700k videocard 3080ti, windows 10. could please somebody tell me why one i noticed my obs without NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new) option? here is only NVIDIA NVENC H.264 and x264. please answer asap. i have reinstalled nvidia driver and obs
  2. U

    What are encoding settings for audio only still image recording?

    I am looking for settings recommendation to record the best quality audio in video container with light file size. 30 min - 60 min duration. I've set audio bitrate to 320, sample rate 48kHz & stereo. What are best settings for modern codecs available now in general for this type of thing? Does...
  3. H

    El audio no se escucha en celulares

    Hola, tengo un problema que no logro solucionar. Se trata de que cuando grabo con OBS, el resultado no se escucha en ningún celular. He intentado convertirlo en formatos que deberían ser aceptados por celulares, pero sigue sin poderse escuchar. Lo subo a Youtube u otra plataforma y nada que se...
  4. javiercastrode

    AV1 and HLS support

    Hello, I'm going to do a streaming in the sea, it's a "ría" with two major cities on each side, so reception isn't great, but it is there. I was looking to maximize the quality as much as I can in a 5 Mb/s stream, so I was wondering: 1. If there is any way to use AV1 in Windows for OBS...