1. Y

    There's voice but no image

    I am trying to open a live broadcast on OBS(not start one), but I can hear the sound and there is no image. I am attaching screenshots(merged as one) and log files. I tried to use ffmpeg while trying to record the Tiktok live stream, but it doesn’t work because it doesn’t recognize the codec...
  2. Victor1990


    core 7 12700k videocard 3080ti, windows 10. could please somebody tell me why one i noticed my obs without NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new) option? here is only NVIDIA NVENC H.264 and x264. please answer asap. i have reinstalled nvidia driver and obs
  3. P

    could i use 2 radeon 5450 1gb on crossfire to stream?

    Hello everyone, i been trying to stream with the following setup. CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz RAM : 16,0 GB GPU (On board) : Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPUs (pcie) Radeon HD 5450 (2 on Crossfire) Obs Version : 27.0.1 The main idea is to stream 2 cameras only (not...
  4. cseliteGT

    Error when recording in Quicksync OBS 26.0.2

    The error did not occur in the OBS version 25.0.8 Here images and logs of what happened.
  5. K

    Question / Help codec comparable to xdcam for recording?

    (i thought i posted this already today, but i don't see it amywhere... so maybe i forgot to actually confirm the post??) system specs: windows 10 v1909 amd ryzen 9 3900x (clocked to 4.1 ghz) gigabyte auros 570 mobo evga nvida rtx 2060 super 32gb crucial 3200 mhz ram 4 samsung 1tb 860 evo ssd...
  6. L

    Bug Report Prores encoding does not work properly (Artefacts / Glitching in Video)

    Hi there, i always recorded with the prores encoder which totally work fine.. but for the last week this codec is not working anymore. (all the other codes work fine, but unfortunately i need the prores codec (converting it after recording is not a solution). Can you guys confirm that its not...
  7. V

    Question / Help Failed to open NVENC codec

    Halo! When try to start recording, I am obtaining a message: "Failed to open NVENC codec: Function not implemented" - graphic drivers have been actualized... What is wrong? :( Thank! Vojta
  8. I

    Question / Help Audio Playback Issues After Recording

    Hello, I have a couple of different recording from OBS over a couple of months. I loaded in one of these older recording into Adobe Premier Pro, but when I did the audio wouldn't playback at all and it wouldn't even load a wave form for the audio file. I thought maybe I just had a corrupted...
  9. itsVenom

    Question / Help Should you use GPU or CPU to stream?

    Hey Guys! So quick Question! I've been streaming for a while now and sometimes my streams will be looking good and other times it'll be looking choppy and/or laggy...But i don't know what settings would be best to stream? should I use my CPU or GPU to stream? My PC Specs: GTX-1060 3GB 16GB Ram...
  10. A

    Question / Help Problem with Lost Lines in Recordings with H.264 Codec

    Good morning, I've been recording for years and it's the first time this happens to me, a few weeks ago suddenly out of nowhere recording began to come out vertical lines like lost frames in the recordings ... but only appear in the recordings, while game is not seen on the screen or in the...
  11. U

    4:4:4, 10 bit, VP9

    Hello, as the title suggests I'd like to record in 4:4:4 10bit, but haven't found an option for that? Is it somehow possible to do that? (im new to OBS and lack the knowledge for custom outputs) If not, will it be implemented in the future? And the same questions go for VP9 support. Oh and if...