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    I will pay you if you fix my microstutters when recording, not in game.

    I upgraded my PC about two months ago with the latest hardware for 4K60 game recording. I started using Shadowplay instead of OBS because it uses less GPU resources. It wasn't until after a few recording sessions that I found out my shadowplay videos had minor microstuttering. Bummer, but I'll...
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    Everytime I open OBS while running Minecraft, it makes my game choppy but no FPS drop

    Hello, So everytime I open OBS to record my game, it always makes my minecraft choppy. However, there is no fps drop. For example, I'll be getting 600 FPS, but it doesn't feel like it! What I've tried: -Uninstalling OBS -Checking for updates -Fidgeting around with OBS settings Nothing works...
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    Question / Help No matter what i do my recordings always end up choppy and laggy

    Hey everyone, i want to start recording videos but its literally impossible. Ive seen so many youtube videos but every setting i try either makes the game lag so much while recording, or the game smooth but really laggy and choppy recording, ive tried autoconfigure and anything but nothing is...
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    Question / Help Choppy Stream! HELP.

    Good Morning, I have been messing with this all night long and I am throwing in the towel and asking for help. I looked all over the internet and could not find anything that seemed to help, I feel like it is probably something stupid easy i just cant figure out. When I open obs everything is...
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    Question / Help Game is very choppy but CPU/ RAM/ GPU% are all low

    ============================================================================== Log - I'm trying to stream with these parts - TL;DR - RTX 2080, 16gb DDR4 ram at 3200MHz, Ryzen 2700xk on Windows 10...