capture card video

  1. V

    I can see any video capture devices and it crashes obs when i open properties

    I have tried every bit of trouble shooting i can... and no matter what i do all video sources show up black and when i try to go to properties to fix it, it only shows up as a white box then right to not responding then crashes and i dont know whats causing this i have tried everything from...
  2. R

    EVGA XL1 Lite Capture Card not being recognized in the Video Capture Device Properties

    Hello, I've been trying to connect my VCR to OBS to record some VHS tapes, but the device list for video capture devices show nothing except for OBS Virtual Camera, but the HDMI audio does work. My setup is the VCR connected to a component to HDMI converter connected to the EVGA XR1 Lite capture...
  3. K

    Need Help!

    Hello everyone! I have a little (really annoying) problem with my OBS Studio, I recently bought the equipment for streaming and I play on a Xbox series S that I connect on a Mac mini with the capture card I just bought (model : Mirabox ARX 320) But when I connect the Xbox and the screen with it...
  4. DeatH_StrikeR88

    What kind of specs I need while doing dual pc setup?

    I got my new laptop 2 months ago. It got 8GB RAM, i3 1115G4 and no GPU. I was thinking if I ever did dual pc live streaming can I use this laptop as my streamer pc? Of course I will choose a capture card for doing it. But my main doubt was, I know my how much powerful my gaming pc should be, but...
  5. T

    scrambled screen??

    i have a brand new laptop and capture card but i cant get my screen to be clear. heres my log
  6. S

    Color Bars when using Capture Card

    Hello! Here is what I'm using: iMac (2017) Capture Card HDMI splitter Nintendo Switch I'm trying to record gameplay from my TV and I have tried just about everything. No matter what, I always get color bars. I have checked all of my HDMI cables, watched multiple videos on the issue, changed my...