camera feed

  1. A

    Can’t use both cameras at the same time (since recent update)

    We’ve been using two usb cameras plugged directly into our laptop to get our camera inputs but recently we’ve been unable to get both cameras to function at the same time. One or the other goes black every time we reset obs. Both used to work up until the most recent update and our computer...
  2. Vivid_Nioc

    Webcam out of sync

    I've been using obs for a long time, but recently my camera has gone out of sync, going from no delay to about a second of delay to up to 5-ish seconds of delay! I use epoccam (using my phone as a webcam) EpocCam | that's the website in case it matters, my other webcam (logi c505)...
  3. S

    Is it possible to combine the two cameras from the Valve Index camera feed into one 16:9 camera for OBS?

    Hello, I recently got a new Valve Index, and I wanted to see if it was possible to combine the two cameras of the index into one 16:9 camera? The feed of the webcam for the index looks like this: I want it to look more like a normal webcam (16:9/4:3, not fisheyed) Is this possible through OBS...
  4. B

    Question / Help How to connect SONY HXR-MC88 to obs settings?

    So I got Sony HXR-MC88 and I got trouble while connecting to it. It doesn't have software like EOS Utility for EOS series. But while I connect via micro usb, it connect but showing folder with EULA text. I think the camera is connect but how I connect it to obs? I have tried HDMI output in...
  5. C

    Question / Help OBS does not detect any cameras

    Hi there I am currently on the latest version of OBS, at the time of posting. I have a Genius Facecam 1000x and 2 generic cameras, but OBS does not detect any of them. They all work 100% fine with any other software. The cameras are on the latest drivers. I use Kaspersky free AV, I have...
  6. S

    Question / Help hd60 s dropping audio as stream progresses

    hey, Im looking for help My work is trying to setup a live stream and we purchased a HD60 s and we are connecting a hdmi camera with audio we would like to use. we can live stream for 5-10 min then we get a sudden audio loss, it will come back in time but it will cut out again within about that...