camera blank screen

  1. N

    Since I've uninstalled OBS my webcam does not work

    Since I've uninstalled OBS my webcam does not work. I've managed to make it work again in Photo Boot but in the browser there is still OBS virtual camera and it does not work. What should I do?????
  2. F

    Droid Cam not working

    Hello I am using two phones as a webcam using droid cam One phone is working fine. On connecting the second phone, the camera is showing on the droidcam app display but not in OBS Both the phones are connected using USB I would be much obliged if anyone can kindly guide me Regards.
  3. V

    Camera not working

    My PC's integrated camera is not working. It's clearly malfunctioning, it's been like this for a few days, and it never happened to me before. The camera is unstable, turning on and off or even freezing, and that is unsightly to see. I tried with Windows Update to see if anything improves, but...
  4. Jay Britton

    Camera fine in Preview, black screen on canvas (not a fit to screen issue)

    Hi, So I've got a Sony AS5100, running through a CamLink 4k. This has been absolutely fine for months. I did a fresh Windows and OBS install yesterday and it was still working fine. This morning the camera appears fine in the preview but the OBS canvas just shows a black screen. If I do a...
  5. V

    I can see any video capture devices and it crashes obs when i open properties

    I have tried every bit of trouble shooting i can... and no matter what i do all video sources show up black and when i try to go to properties to fix it, it only shows up as a white box then right to not responding then crashes and i dont know whats causing this i have tried everything from...
  6. dabrem

    Need Help Cameras Deactivating

    Hi, First thing I love OBS but after today I am not so sure. I had everything perfect with my stream and within obs. I currently just moved and had to setup all my equipment in a new place. Nothing changed other then the locations of my computers and monitors. Anyway I get everything setup. Turn...
  7. A

    Can’t use both cameras at the same time (since recent update)

    We’ve been using two usb cameras plugged directly into our laptop to get our camera inputs but recently we’ve been unable to get both cameras to function at the same time. One or the other goes black every time we reset obs. Both used to work up until the most recent update and our computer...
  8. F

    Camera only works in 1 scene collection

    I've only recently started running into this problem. My main camera only works in 1 scene collection, not in any others. I've tried using a blank collection for issues like this in the past (switch to the blank between collections) but it hasn't helped as of late. I've tried removing the...