1. G

    Starting automatically virtual cam by modifying the obs64.exe file in the source folder

    Hello everyone, I'm starting OBS automatically by using the software System Scheduler; this software requires as input the obs64.exe file in the source folder, not a shortcut of OBS. I know that, by typing --startvirtualcam after the last double quotes in the target box inside the properties of...
  2. S

    Looking for scripting help

    Hello! I am looking for a scripting expert to help me with a project. I use OBS to produce shopping livestreams for local brands/businesses, and I'm constantly re-building my scenes/sources based on the photos that I receive from those brands. It’s a lot of repetitive tasks, and I’m hoping...
  3. nicwillu

    Connect OBS Studio With Any App Using Integromat / Zapier - Easy Automation Tutorial - No Coding!

    Hi there! After a lot of fiddling, I've figured a way to connect OBS with automation platforms like Integromat and Zapier. I want to say that I am aware that there are better solutions out there, that will allow for more functionality, like using obs-websocket and building APIS, or using...
  4. Y

    automatic windows selection

    Hello, I've configured a window capture resource, i want to capture my MS Teams window, but Teams always is changing the window title, so that always i have to configure the windows to capture. Is there any way to automatically select my teams windows only based on a piece of the title.
  5. ramoses

    Automatically change Source to first layer

    Hi, I'm pretty new to OBS, but I am already using some plugins and learning a lot with the community. So here is the thing: I have one Scene (Cameras) that I need to have all my 3 cameras. I have all the cameras in only one Scene because I won't have to individually add all 3 cameras for each...
  6. T

    Media Source Automation Properties

    Hello Developers! Feature request: Add a media source property combo box called "When playback ends" (can replace the "loop" & "show nothing when playback ends" check boxes) There could be various options for example: "Loop" "Show Nothing" "Launch Next scene" (NEW) "Launch Previous Scene" (NEW)...
  7. P

    Non-OBS Script Kill-Counter 1

    A little AutoHotkey + Python (3) script for displaying a kill counter (odometer style) in OBS, or possibly other applications. What it does: When you activate the hotkeys (Indicated in the .AHK file), it will either incriment, decriment, or reset (only the match kills) for the included data...