audio loop

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    BGM audio loop not really seemless

    How can I prevent a loopable BGM audio track from having a noticeable "transition phase" when going from the ending of the track back to the beginning? There always seems to be a little "bump" in the audio, as if OBS had problems making the loop sound seemless. Since there's no option for...
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    Seeking audio solutions!

    Hey everyone, I'm new to OBS and this thread but confident someone here can help. I'm moving my church's service from the Facebook Live app on my phone to stream to Facebook Live via OBS. I've ran into 2 main audio problems during testing. 1. I'm up in a booth and the phone (using OBS Ninja) is...
  3. R

    Question / Help Audio is looping while streaming (Mac) Please help with correct setup

    Zoom to OBS then Stream with Facebook Live. Im having trouble fixing my audio while streaming. The audio keeps on looping. I don't know what's the correct configuration to do because im very new with live streaming. Cannot find any tutorial that correctly fix my problem. I'm using IShowU...
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    Question / Help OBS Audio looping in a constant echo

    Hello, I have a very tedious problem and I actually have no idea how to fix it. The audio loops for ever and ever until it fades out by itself. For example, i say Hello, and it repeats at least 5 or 6 times until its gone, and that happens for everything. I tried streaming Valorant just now...
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    Bug Report Mic looping

    Hi, first than all sorry for what is probabbly going to be a new level of shitty english. Now to the problem: I installed obs on my recently formated pc and as the tittle suggests, my obs is picking up and streaming my mic over and over again. -No, I dont have my stream open -No, I dont have...
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    Question / Help PLEASE HELP INF AUDIO LOOP Can't find fix!!!!

    Hey guys so I have a dumb issue I cant seem to fix It just started out of nowhere use to stream no problems that being said now that it is happening ive tried everything and I can tell you what it's not (Not Preview or stream watching) the only fix I can seem to find is to disable my Desktop...