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    OBS is unusable with amdgpu, i don't get why and need help

    For begin - i don't want to hear advice like - "switch to mesa drivers", because i tried. Even on Mesa driver, it's not as "hard", but still present as a massive problem. Whenever i run OBS even it's preview (without recording) make my entire desktop framerate drop to 20. On AMDGPU PRO drivers...
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    OBS with FFMPEG VAAPI encoder lead kernel panic

    It may look like this: [ 8354.787317] gmc_v10_0_process_interrupt: 264 callbacks suppressed [ 8354.787329] amdgpu 0000:0b:00.0: amdgpu: [mmhub] page fault (src_id:0 ring:0 vmid:2 pasid:32774, for process obs pid 15785 thread obs:cs0 pid 15798) [ 8354.787363] amdgpu 0000:0b:00.0: amdgpu: in...
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    Question / Help AMD Hardware Encoding Failure

    I am unable to stream using H264/AVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework) I can select it and change encoding options but upon starting my stream it fails and tells me to check if my drivers are up to date. I'm running an AMD Radeon 5700XT with latest drivers. I'm also running OBS 24.0.1. Here...
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    Question / Help FFMPEG VAAPI no option for 4K encoding

    # obs --version OBS Studio - 23.0.0 (linux) Only: 480p30, 720p30,720p60,1080p30 and 1080p60 is available. But i want 2160p30 and 2160p60 GPU: Vega 64