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  1. U

    wired double moire effects/ obs ist total am spinnen und hört nicht auf gewisse texte zu verdoppeln/moire ähnlichkeit

    I try it first in english , i hope you will understand me because iam from germany so english is my thrid language :) At First you can watch the video clip to understand my problem .... this effects come from nowhere i never change something and this happens from then to now. I have try to...
  2. M

    OBS donation do not appears, in chat and in activity feed

    Compare too streamlabs obs, OBS don't show me donation in the activity feed and i find it really annoying since if i miss it, its a bit complicated to read the message again. I only get the alerts on my screen but that it. Nothing in feed and even my bot dont send a message when someone tip...
  3. K

    Activity feed in OBS Studio shows "Unknown user"

    Hi, I have stumbled upon an issue with the activity feed in OBS Studio. For some reason all the trash ppl that goes into you channel and do a follow and directly after do an unfollow or what ever they do, now causes my activity feed in OBS Studio to be shown as "unknown user" This seams to...
  4. I

    Activity feed is completely black

    Hey! Took a break from streaming and recently came back to it. I have my twitch account connected and my activity feed is not working. However, my stream info and chat are. I already tried to disconnect and reconnect the account, but that changes nothing. Clicking within the activity feed and...
  5. B

    Activity Feed & Follower Alert doesn't work for me

    My Activity feed on streamelements doesn't show me when I get a new follower. my follower alert doesn't be triggered... the test alerts works but the actually not (sorry for my bad english) need a fast answer...
  6. Buchtis

    Question / Help Twitch 'Activity Feed' panel missing - OBS 23.1.0

    Hi guys, I've just updated to 23.1.0 and noticed what seems to be a nice quality of life improvement: I've updated but this isn't showing anywhere in my 'Docks' section, anyone have any ideas as to why? I've uploaded my most recent log if that helps...