1. MimaSweets

    OBS twitch docks theme-light mode

    hello! For some undisclosed reason the twitch docks on OBS studio are hard-coded to theme-dark. If this could be disabled so that other themes could be enabled either by the ui or by the use of BTTV and similar alternatives it would go along way on the accessibility of the software. I...
  2. MimaSweets light theme

    hi, for some of us this website is near impossible to read. a CSS toggle switch link on the foot area of the website to a white background would do wonders. thank you
  3. k_kolev1985

    Screen readers fail to read some menu items in some context menus of OBS Studio

    Hello, As the title states, screen readers like NVDA, Narrator and JAWS fail to read some menu items in some context menus of OBS Studio. The one noticed is the context menu for a source in the list of sources in the main window of OBS Studio, but I don't know if it is the only one that is...
  4. k_kolev1985

    Invisible buttons in OBS Studio's UI when using the high-contrast black theme in Windows 10

    Hello, Another accessibility issue report. In some windows of OBS Studio, there are some buttons, which are not visible, if the theme used in Windows is the high-contrast black one. Steps to reproduce it: 1. Enable high-contrast mode in Windows 10, by doing the following: 1.1. Open Windows...
  5. k_kolev1985

    Screen readers fail to report the items in the list of added audio/video filters

    Hello, I want to report an accessibility bug with OBS Studio. Screen readers like NVDA, Narrator and JAWS fail to read the items in the list of added audio/video filters. The focus is in the list, pressing up/down arrow moves between the added filters, but screen readers do not read the name of...
  6. E

    Zoom captions disappearing on OBS

    Hi everyone! I managed to make Zoom video and audio work on OBS, so I can stream it on multiple platforms from OBS. However, it looks like captions completely disappear on the Window Capture that appears on Zoom - they are visible on Zoom but not on OBS. This is really inconvenient as we're...
  7. M

    High DPI eye-friendly Dark theme 1

    There are some minor text clipping issues, which is why I didn't go above 17px. If this isn't enough for you, you can open Dark_accessibility.qss at line 38 and manually type in any font size, but expect more clipping issues the higher you go. Installation: grad the .zip archive and extract to...