Zwift Ride Ons

OBS Lua Zwift Ride Ons 0.32

Sometimes a 'TIMING ARCH' info line is written to the log file without the time or average power values being included. This results in the script generating an error. A check for this was already in the script, but was not working. Corrected it in this version.
Ride on Count and Ride on giver names now work for Italian language users
Add logic to better handle default log file location on MacOS - thanks leventyalcin
  1. Made text displayed after the name of user giving ride on user definable - will deafult to ' says Ride On!'
  2. Changed Lap counter logic, now ignores the log files lap count figure as this lags behind the game.
  3. Added mitigation for strings not found where changing character position causes arithmetic issues.
  4. Added option to include or exclude chat types (world, Paddock and GroupEvent)
  5. Added formatting to arch timing and changed output string to be more concise.
  6. Added parsing for group event name and name of subgroup
  7. Added mitigation for when obs_source_get_unversioned_id returns a nil
Chat messages and timing arch info added. Filter Chat messages by Zwift user ID - add a comma separated list of IDs to the script parameters and only see messages from those users. Chat messages continually append - set the text source as a chat log for best effect.


0.19 - Added parsing for Chat messages with option to filter by user Zwift ID.
0.20 - Added parsing for Timing Arch lines in log file, outputs name, time and avg power. Name not always populated.
0.21 - Fixed issue where ride ons and route would not reset on loading script.
Updated Since version 0.11
  1. -- 0.12 - Added Lap Counter with option display current or completed lap, tidied up source list in props
  2. -- 0.13 - Added Current Route name, changed naming convention of sources for consistency
  3. -- 0.14 - Added Route Length (km), leadin (km) and Ascent (m) - these are written to the 'route stats' source
  4. -- 0.15 - Added Rounding to Route Length and Lead-in values to limit to 2 decimal places
  5. -- 0.16 - Added reset for lap counter when current route changes
  6. -- 0.17 - Changed activation logic - added an enabled flag in script settings - no longer controlled by activating /deactivating a source
  7. -- 0.18 15/06/2020 - Changed types for timing of file check and display time for ride on names - support down to 100ms