Zwift Ride Ons

OBS Lua Zwift Ride Ons 0.32

OBS Studio Lua script that monitors a Zwift log file. Extracts the below info and outputs it to mapped OBS txt sources
  1. Names of users giving Ride Ons
  2. Count of Ride Ons received
  3. Count of Ride Ons Given
  4. Current Route Name
  5. Route Length, Leadin and Ascent
  6. Lap Counter (current or completed)
  7. Chat messages - optionally filter by Zwift user ID
  8. Timing arch info
  9. Event Group and sub group info
Updates OBS text sources with each value at a user definable interval.


If the script detects a log file that has shrunk it will also reset (possible if you leave it running through multiple Zwift sessions)

How to install / Setup the Script
1. Download the script and save the zwift_ride_ons.lua sile somewhere you will be able to find it.
2. Open OBS Studio.
3. Decide which values you want the script to display and create Text(gdi+) sources in the OBS scene for each of them. Give these names that you will recognise.
4. Move the sources to positions in the in the OBS scene you want to show the corresponding values.
5. Go to - Tools > Scripts.
6. Click the plus icon in the lower left of the script window.
7. Find the Zwift_ride_ons.lua file and click to add it.
8. Click the script name and a list of parameters will be shown in the right hand side of the window.
9. Confirm the location of your Zwift log file in the file selector (you won't see it, but, this will default to the standard install directory for Windows 10 - so you may not need to set this explicitly).
10. For each type of value you want to extract from the log and display in the OBS window, choose a corresponding source from those that you created in step 3. The script updates these sources with info from the log file so mapping these correctly is important.
11. Change any of the other parameters you want to:
  • Min Time to display ride On - This controls how long in seconds ride ons will be displayed on screen - it will be at least this long depending on whether you get another one to replace it!
  • Check Interval - How often the script looks for changes in the log file in seconds.
  • Max names to display - limits the number of names shown on screen at once (like setting the source to 'chat log style'
  • Suffix for Ride On names - This allows you to determine whether or not the 'Says Ride On!' appears after each users name when when give you a ride one. you can also change it to say something else like 'Thanks!'
  • Chat users to display - Add a list of Zwift user IDs here and only chat messages from those users will be displayed.Useful if you only want to show messages from people you ride with.
  • Include World, Paddock, Group Event Chats - chat messages are broken down into these three types - this allows you to control whether you see all of them or only some.
  • Display current lap - When off, the lap count will report completed laps (0 until you finish at least one), when off, the lap counter displays the lap you are currently on (1 is you haven't completed any).
  • Reset Values - Resets the values shown in the OBS scene.
12. Put a check in the 'Enabled' parameter to turn it on.
13. Open Zwift and start your ride, the script will populate the fields as the log file is updated.

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Latest updates

  1. 0.32 - Fixed check for avg power on TIMING ARCH rows

    Sometimes a 'TIMING ARCH' info line is written to the log file without the time or average power...
  2. 0.31 - Fixed Ride on Count an Names for Italian Language users

    Ride on Count and Ride on giver names now work for Italian language users
  3. Add logic to better handle default log file location on MacOS - thanks leventyalcin

    Add logic to better handle default log file location on MacOS - thanks leventyalcin