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Z CAM SSP Source 0.9.5


  • Support obs-studio 28.0 and later.

Known issue​

  • Not support macos arm64 because libssp only has x86_64 version.

What's Changed​

Full Changelog: 0.9.3...0.9.5


obs-ssp-0.9.5-macos-arm64.pkg: 52246cd1697abb5cecbd48858e503432ae54866eb9f3131bcc3112e30c89f20f
obs-ssp-0.9.5-macos-universal.pkg: 1cb9819172dd841369dddac59072e36ce65d524544ddba68cfe36ac6f4f87a28
obs-ssp-0.9.5-macos-x86_64.pkg: 2b994bc5945457ce3e1557ec72b1e21d081c593695d4fc09d0959c2dab616c30
obs-ssp-0.9.5-windows-x64-Installer.exe: b9c759ae3150978f33a0e106e4e56cd7aeb4bf317e205519744bfbf1b63d7a31 0b8fed1570ce13a890f961ec320d75fcb25e954e986d771c30ec9e47c2d94812
New Feature:
  • Add support for IPMAN-S, no need to select "Don't check status".
Bug fixes:
  • Change libssp.dll search method on windows, fix not working on obs-studio 27.2.1
  • Fixes H264 Hardware decoding crashes on windows.
Known Bugs:
  • macOS still may crash on some situation (e.g. auto reconnect when a stream disconnected), will fix in next version.
This is a bugfix version, mainly fix macOS crash issues.
For windows users, please use obs-studio 26.1.0 or later.
For macOS users, please use the latest obs-studio.
New Feature:
  • "Wait for I-frame" and "Low Latancy" options as default
  • Support Low noise configuration for E2-series camera
Known Bugs:
  • HW Decode H264 crash on windows
  • macOS still may crash on some situation (e.g. change settings when a stream already start)
What's Changed
New Contributors
Full Changelog: 0.9.1...0.9.2
summershrimp and aughey
[beta] obs-ssp 0.9.0

A huge upgrade prior to 0.1.0

  • ZCAM ssp camera as OBS source directly!
  • Tiny latency (about 100ms).
  • (New) Auto discovery your cameras.
  • (New) Able to set Encoder / Resolution / Framerate / Bitrate directly from properties.
  • (New) Hardware Decoding.
  • (New) Wait for Intra Frame (can provide much little latency).
  • (New) Front LED as Tally light.

  • H.264 hardware decoding crashed on Windows.
  • Auto discovery cannot query on all interface.
Future plan
  • Auto reconnect when disconnected.
Only support OBS Studio 25.0+

Just download the installers.