#media source

  1. Richard Fendelman

    Media Source not showing in Preview until cut to Program

    Adding a media source MP4 file to sources, does not show the video until I cut to Program window. When I go back to the Preview window select another scene and then back to the original scene, some of the media files show and some do not until I cut to the Program window again. I have tried a...
  2. X

    Z CAM SSP Source 0.12.0

    obs-ssp Network A/V in OBS Studio with Simple Stream Protocol(SSP). Features SSP Source : receive video and audio from ZCam cameras to OBS. Downloads Binaries for Windows, and macOS are available in the Releases section. Automated Builds
  3. T

    Bug Report When reload media source it shows final picture before reload

    I have 11 media sources in scene. 2 of them repeats and everything ok. Other media stop on last picture. 2 of them works ok, but they reload only then scene on. Other 7 I can change (actually they shows pick/ban). And when I show them off, change sources and show again they show last picture of...