Free TeeBoard v0.1.5 beta

I don't typically use add-ons, plugins, or "tools." This has to be one of the most well thought out tools I've used when it comes to Twitch. I expect big things from this, the creator can expect a donation from me very soon.
I have tried this and it's very good.
You get one program to manage a Twitch stream and get everything sorted out. And there is videos to explain everything... So now I'm a streamer...
Thanks so much for this program and keep up the good work.
thank you for the update, only thing i noticed that the twobbler seems to have problems with iTunes as the scrobbling device, it does not keep track of the tracks played there
If there's a problem it is most likely between iTunes and last.fm. From what I've heard, scrobbling to last.fm from media players such as iTunes and Windows Media Player has recently changed. They no longer scrobble at the beginning of a song but rather somewhere in the middle or even near the end, which is unfortunate.
Nicely organized and presented tool. Consolidates many great features found in different apps into an all-in-one solution.
Nice WiP looking forward to the full release of the program =)
Thanks, much appreciated !