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Free StreamSAK - Counter/Dynamic Text File Updater 4.6.0

As a streamer, I've always looked for an elegant tool that I could use to adjust my wins/losses/draws count, or other info on the fly without having to tab out or edit a file manually. I never found anything, so I decided to make it myself.

It's completely free, and you can get it here:
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Latest updates

  1. Keybind Support!

    StreamSAK now has limited keybind support for counters! It is a little buggy in some instances...
  2. StreamSAK v4.0 - Counter and Variable Adjuster (Updated 04/09/18)

    Looks much cleaner now, and you can create your own plugins! (Or wait for me, or other Java...
  3. StreamSAK v3.0 - Counter and Variable Adjuster (Updated 04/08/18)

    Make sure to read the README on github for information regarding the update :)

Latest reviews

This is exactly what I've been hunting for (Easy and quick counter)! I currently use a piecemeal system where I have a bot write to a text file based on chat commands -- this is much more in line with my stream style. Thank you! I didn't even know I wanted scalability feature (adding/removing counters and adjusters on the fly) until you showed it to me!
Thank you so much, I'm glad you find it useful! That's all I could really ever ask for. I just posted an update to the program, and while it's not much, I just thought I'd make it easier for everyone to add and remove their own counters without having to go in and create new text documents themselves. If you feel like linking your stream, I'll come check it out! I appreciate the support, and I'll be sure to give mine in return :)