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Free Streamchats: a page with chats for streamers

Improved resizing and dragging functionality to be much smoother. Should be significantly better in all modern browsers.

Also fixed several bugs here and there.
It's been a while since Streamchats was updated last time. Unfortunately technologies picked there did not really fit the task all that well. So I had rewrite the service in a more suitable way.

It is still missing some important features like multilingual support, but those are coming in the nearest weeks.

Now I should be able to add viewers counters as well as few other neat features.
  • Once again data storage system has been greatly improved. You may need to recreate some chats.
  • Viewers counters are temporarily disabled. It would be for the best to not use userscripts since they are both not very easy to use and support. So viewers counters on the current stage will only be for the services that have appropriate API.
  • Interface full overhaul. Now it should be much easier and intuitive to use.
  • Now you can resize chats simply by dragging it's bottom right corner.
  • Now you can reorder chats by dragging their titles (currently does not work reliably enough, so I'm thinking on changing it for free dragging chats around).
  • Now you can post ideas and suggestions as well as report bugs (and vote for them).
  • Hitbox.Tv chats support added.