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Free Streamchats: a page with chats for streamers

In the current streaming services situation one often has to stream to a few different streaming services at once. Mostly you are able to do so without too much complications.

Nevertheless, there is an important question - what to do with chats? Well, that's what this project is for.

Main pros comparing to other such projects (including standalone desktop applications) are:
  • Full chats compatibility and functionality of the chats that they have on a respective services websites (smiles, moderating, ability to click urls etc.)
  • Functional out of the box. Any modern browser - and you are good to go. Most probably you will not need to install any additional software (unless you are using Internet Explorer, ofc =) )
  • Ease of use and configuration. Just a few clicks and chats are up and running.
  • Security - you are not required to input your login data (along with passwords) anywhere other then on a respective streaming services. I.e. your passwords are not stored anywhere else then they already are. For example in any desktop application you would have to give away your accounts logins and passwords to it... So how this sensitive data is stored, used and secured (or not?) is completely up to this particular program developer.
  • Ease of updates. Everything you need to update is just reload web page in your browser.
So for anyone interested, please visit:

As of now - this service is provided free of charge.

All ideas, proposals and requests are welcome right here! But it's better to use respective buttons on top of the Streamchats page.

Please, keep in mind: project is still in early stages of development, so it can miss some streaming services (let me know if you need new one!), features or even have bugs (report those, please). Thank you for understanding.

I wish you good luck and a lot of viewers!

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