Stream Widget for Spotify

Free Stream Widget for Spotify

one of the best ive seen so far is there a way to minimize it to the tray so it can run in the backround (the config window)
This is awesome! but when closed, it requres to login again (or at least clickin connect, again). maybe you can add "remember me" or "auto login" kind of thing
Excellent! Good job! Found an issue when minimizing that turned everything within the widget to a solid color making the text not readable, but solved when alterning dark mode on and off.
I was looking something simple to connect OBS 27 with Spotify and I found it here! I recommend this pluging because it works with the PC version of Spotify. Simply run it, login in Spotify, Capture Windows in OBS and thats all!
Perfect. Solved the issues I was having with window capture.
This is one of the only (and my favorite) working Spotify widgets that I've found. Set up is extremely simple, you just extract it from the .zip, open the application, connect your Spotify account, and then use "Window Capture" in OBS to add it to your stream overlay. The only issue I've found is that with longer song titles the text occasionally clips a bit, but this isn't a big problem and I'm sure it will be fixed eventually anyway. I absolutely recommend this.
Hi. Many thanks for this. With this directly connecting to Spotify, would it be possible to discover, with a simple ! command, which song is next on the playlist?
Marco Sadowski
Marco Sadowski
Thanks for your feedback. For chat interactions I would have to write a bot and I don't have the capacity for that at the moment. Sorry.
thanks for share, it works fine!!
Easily the best widget I've used. I will say, depending on the length of the title name, the window kind of gets split and looks weird. Other than that, it's just an overall excellent widget.
Marco Sadowski
Marco Sadowski
what was the name? Would like to test it
Better than some of the other widgets I've seen for Spotify
Marco Sadowski
Marco Sadowski
Thank you for your feedback :)