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Stream Setup/Tutorial for Mac w/ Elgato & OBS!

Hello OBS community!

With OBS being updated to version 0.9.1, I felt like I needed to revise my previous stream setup/tutorial for Mac w/ Elgato & OBS (version 0.6.1).

You could find the link to the video here -

I include three ways to capture your Elgato input via both Window Capture & Display Capture with or without facecam. As @dodgepong mentioned, a fourth way of capturing the Elgato input is via EyeTV and using a syphon source. In this case, you have one extra step, which would by syncing your live commentary with the video input.

Anyways, I hope this helps many of you - I tried to keep it succinct and to the point, so I don't explore some of the advanced features, but instead focus on getting your stream up and running as quick as possible (under 10 minutes).

Enjoy! :)

Stream Setup:Tutorial for Mac w:Elgato & OBS (Update).jpg