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Stream/Recording Start/Stop Beep (SRBeep) (Unsupported) 2.1.1

Used to work great, but it seems OBS 28.0 update has made it no longer work, hope it gets an update soon
Not working on windows 10 with the last update v29... Please fix this. Thank you! Best plugins of OBS!!!!
As below, update to OBS 29.1.1 and now 29.1.2 has disabled the beep again
works exactly like intended, play a short beep when recording, and a different beep after recording.
First beep gets captured by the program, even in game capture mode.
This simple yet almost essential feature would deserve 5 stars and a lot of fame, if only it wouldn't have this main flaw...
Works like a charm, i was looking for an overlay because my shortcuts were not working properly but this worked for me also.
Capo's review is correct, but the behavior is not the plugin's fault. All audio sources send their data to a single output unless configured differently. I use Voicemeeter to accomplish that (for very similar reasons), and JACK Audio will also do it.

This is how mine is set up:

You need virtual (or hardware) audio inputs and outputs, presented to software as device drivers, to then selectively patch the now separated audio streams into OBS Studio. In the screenshot config, I have operating system default routed through red, games through blue (by in-game config), Teamspeak through green, and mic through purple. They're all audible on speakers/headphones if I want them to be, but you can see in the OBS Studio Settings that OBS never records the operating system default device.

Therefore, this plugin's notification tone doesn't enter the recording, and neither do Windows notifications, music I'm listening to, videos I'm watching, etc.
This is great stuff, easy to install and it's cute to listen to. This allows you to know things are working without a second monitor.