Stream Overlay Studio

Free Stream Overlay Studio 0.7.0

The version 0.7.0 is finished, there are some bug fixes, internal changes and a few new features.

  • Studio: Update to new Twitch API, reconnect is necessary!
  • Studio: Skin can now be adjusted with three themes: light, dark and one for night
  • Studio: You can create your own menu items, hide unneeded ones and sort the plugins at your own discretion
  • Plugin: Dynamic Text Insertion (lower third)
  • Plugin: Remote-Webcam, now supports audio
  • Plugin: Chat Bot, simple commands and polls can be created and output by time
  • Plugin: OBS Remote Control, control your OBS Studio with Stream Overlay Studio (obs-websocket plugin required)
  • Plugin: Template, now has an import function for overlays
  • Plugin: Donations, it is now also supported TipeeeStream and streamtip
  • Plugin: Hosted Chats, You can now connect to any chat
  • Overlay: In Stream Chat Widget
  • Overlay: Show chat emotes as graphics (incl. BTTV)
  • Overlay: More animation options
  • Overlay: Pause and panel elements can now be animated
  • Overlay: Notifications support more filters and random selection
  • Overlay: Twitch Resubscriptions now support the message
  • Overlay: Twitch Subscriptions and Resubscriptions now support prime
  • Overlay: Many new widgets and options (refer Documentation)
  • Overlay: add example overlays to download on the website
Older Bugfixes (0.6.x)
  • Plugin: It was not possible to get donations
  • Plugin: It was not possible to change template theme with shortcuts
  • Plugin: New created panels were not selectable as a shortcut action
  • Studio: Connect to the Twitch Chat now with HTTPs
  • Plugin Donation: After a while no new donation was displayed
  • Plugin Monstercat: The plugin rarely crashes
The version 0.6.0 is finished, there are some bug fixes and a few new features.

  • Studio: better installation
  • Studio: Password for remote access, access from the Internet is only possible with password
  • Studio: Password for studio access if you are not alone in the network
  • Studio: Automatic submenu for administration and studio if you have a lot of plugins activated
  • Studio: Option for HTTPs (a self-signed certificate is used)
  • Studio: Option to display notification in the studio
  • Studio: [Windows] Interface for the background service
  • Plugin: Current song from Monstercat Livestream for your Overlay
  • Plugin: Remote webcam, use the camera from your tablet or smartphone as a webcam replacement
  • Plugin: [Windows] Change the templates, pause settings, active panels, games and teammates with shortcuts.
  • Overlay: Pause Timer Widget, the time counts down automatically
  • Overlay: The Studio now supports .scss files (Sass 3.3.6)
  • Overlay: Notifications with minimum values for different panels per value (refer Documentation"Notification Widget")
  • Overlay: Notifications now support Twitch Cheers