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OBS Lua Source Visibility Toggle Script for OBS on Record Start/Stop event 1.1

This script for OBS Studio enables users to automatically toggle the visibility of a selected source when starting or stopping a recording. The script provides a dropdown list containing all sources available in OBS, each prefixed with its respective scene name for easy identification.

The user can select a source from this list, and the script will handle the visibility of this source during the recording sessions.

When recording starts, the chosen source becomes visible, and when recording stops, the source is hidden. This functionality is particularly useful for showing or hiding elements like logos, notifications, or specific messages only during recordings.

It's primary purpose as intended is to toggle off/on a scene boarder on monitor window to indicate recording is active. Supplied is a frame board for a scene that can have it's visibility toggled when record is activated.

How to Use:

1. Install and load the script in OBS.
2. Select the desired source from the dropdown list in the script's properties.
3. Start recording in OBS; the selected source will automatically become visible.
4. Stop recording in OBS; the selected source will automatically become hidden.

Please note that the source list contains all sources from all scenes, prefixed with the scene name for clarity.

Tested on OBS 30.0.0
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