simplyGray | Dark theme with customizable highlight color

simplyGray | Dark theme with customizable highlight color 1.3.4

After opening a Github issue post, the issue will be resolved in the next ASS version.

This theme update removes my attempts to apply additional rules for ASS. To reflect the new structures for OBS 30.1.1+
The advanced scene switcher plugin displays checkboxes instead of expand/collapse icons.
This happens with all themes, including the original OBS themes (as far as I tested)
So I don't have any direct influence on it, maybe it's due to an internal change in OBS or an incoherence in the Advanced Scene Switcher layouting. IDK

Since I already had to play around with the checkboxes, I took the opportunity to make them consistent across OBS, not just in the Settings window.
New statusbar implemented & some minor fixes
More polishing on:
  • additional/floating windows like: (advanced audio properties, filters, tools etc.)
  • top window docks
  • plugins -> like advanced scene switcher

!Text colors also are global variables now .
(Easily match the text color, to your highlight colors needs.)

If you set your "highlight" background color to yellow.​
The white text, is probably not easy to read.​
  • "text" -> Just set it to a more appropriate RGB value.
  • "highlightedText" -> applies the same way. This text color is active, on mouse interactions and/or state changes.
Some element and text design changes,
to draw attention to the main components and clean up the overall look.


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