Simple YouTube Music overlay for OBS

Free Simple YouTube Music overlay for OBS 2.2.0

With the recent update to "YouTube Music Desktop App," various overlays have ceased to function due to incompatibility with the "Companion Server." To address this, a solution has been implemented on my website. You can now access an older version of the software (1.13.0) that restores overlay functionality. Additionally, a brief tutorial has been provided to simplify the process of integrating the overlay into OBS for a seamless experience. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated as we work to optimize and resolve these issues. Thank you!
Upgrade Announcement!

We are thrilled to introduce the latest version of "Simple YouTube Music overlay for OBS". We've worked hard to enhance the experience and bring new features that will surely make your stream even more impressive.

What's New in Version [Version Number]:

  1. Real-Time Editing: Now you can customize your overlay directly from our website: Change colors, adjust fonts, and more, all in real-time!
  2. Visibility Control: We've integrated a visibility control so you can decide when and how your overlay appears on-screen. Make it even more dynamic!
  3. Enhanced Compatibility: We've optimized the tool to ensure smooth integration with OBS and other streaming platforms.

Thank you for choosing "Simple YouTube Music overlay for OBS." We hope you enjoy these enhancements and that your streaming experience becomes more amazing than ever!

Keep streaming in style!