Non-Free RutonyChat

RutonyChat gets chat messages from various stream-related websites and shows them to you in a separate window or a browser. You can select styling from a variety of themes or even make your own with HTML/CSS.

RutonyChat is intended to create a better experience for you viewers replacing simple window-captured chat with something designed more apropriately for showing on video. It also can be customized to fit the style of your current stream graphics or the game you’re playing.

There are also a few other cool things for your stream right from the box. Check out the feature list below.

RutonyChat features
  • Supports chats from Twitch, YouTube, Hitbox, Goodgame, Sc2tv, GipsyTeam, GamersTV, Cybergame, Funstream, Reall, Welovegames, Azubu, VIDI, Douyu, Beam
  • Supports all emoticons (including 3rd party developers BTTV & FFZ)
  • Shows color nicknames
  • Highlights messages to streamer (you can set all the names to highlight in the settings)
  • Themes with different message animation (see gifs in the Screenshot section)
  • Over 100 themes in the box
  • Chat polls (Example
  • Goal designer (Example
  • Alert list designer (Example
  • Rank system
  • Bot for Twitch and GoodGame
  • Web server (you can open chat on other device via browser)
  • Sub icons for twitch
  • <deleted message> support
  • Remote control
  • Ignore list
  • Notifications for Twitch followers and subscribers,, and donations, Goodgame followers, subscribers and donations, Sc2tv donations (alternative TwitchAlerts)
  • Labels for last subscriber, top donation, etc.
Examples themes

more themes

Remote control:

Some streamers how used my chat program
and more other streamers, over 300

  • Windows 7+
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2
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Latest updates

  1. RutonyChat 3.3

    Release on Steam! Now program can be founded here:
  2. RutonyChat 3.0

    Full balancing program. Improved performance and stability. Now program works in web server mode...
  3. RutonyChat 2.16

    Added authorization OAuth for Twitter, Twitchalerts, Twitch. This allows to obtain correct...

Latest reviews

Good chat for OBS.
Very good
Good program, using this chat .
Awesome chat, using it from start of development
Cool chat, all streamer could need + fast support!
This is a great all-in-one tool not only for multiplatform streamers. It will be realy usefull even if you broadcast only on twitch. You'll get chat, giveaway system, polls and alerts in one software. Don't need to start bunch of programs.
In last update was added great feature "Remote Control". Basically it allows on control some games/software from your chat with easy commands (you may saw something like that on "Twitch Plays Pokemon" channel some while ago). I can say this is a HUGE tool to make you stream more interactive.

Also, if you familiar with html/css/javascript, you may customize template as you wish. Make font to match game you play, add some effect when message appears and more.
Excellent program. Inexpensive, but functional. I recommend.