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RutonyChat - The best way to decorate the stream, it is beautifully designed chat.

RutonyChat gets chat messages from various stream-related websites and shows them to you in a separate window or a browser. You can select styling from a variety of themes or even make your own with HTML/CSS.

RutonyChat is intended to create a better experience for you viewers replacing simple window-captured chat with something designed more apropriately for showing on video. It also can be customized to fit the style of your current stream graphics or the game you’re...
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Yes, of course.
The program supports three modes:
- Capture windows through key color.
- Game Mode is when the frame is removed and removed the black color, the program does not respond to pressing.
- Capture directly from html using plugin CLR Browser.
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Version 2.5

  • In the log of alerts, if the message does not fit in a line, it is stretched in height
  • Fixed tag {text} for Alerts
  • Added 6 themes, 5 of which have been made previously to order, but are now in the public, can thank these people
  • Theme asian-style - archistrategmichael
  • Theme wither-slide - woitler
  • Theme diablo3-gold-slide-in-out - overdose_o_o
  • Theme deusex-zoom-in - Good_Evening
  • Theme diablo3-slide-in-out-left - AloneWave
  • Theme farcry-dlc
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rutony updated RutonyChat with a new update entry:

RutonyChat 2.6

  • Added Remote Control. Allows pushing keys or running scripts on events alerts or keyword from the chat. (IgorGHK)
  • Added limits for donate alerts, if the amount of donate enters the limit, an alert is displayed
  • New option for split alerts into one file, file is added to the total number of notifications, the file is in /alerts/all_alerts.html
  • Fixed a bug where some emoticons are not displayed with Twitch
  • Fixed output smiles from Youtube, now they displayed correctly...
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rutony updated RutonyChat with a new update entry:

RutonyChat 2.9

  • Speech text alerts to Subscribers and Donate, supports Ivona and Yandex.Speech
  • Two new modes for alerts: sound and speech text, and only speech text
  • Two new types of alerts: Subscriber (new) and Subscriber (resub). Only to Twitch
  • Utf-8 support for the setting. To support multiple languages in the settings
  • Support of the planned broadcasts on YouTube
  • 6 new simple themes: Fallou 1, 2, 4, and default with black text.
  • Editor log alerts
  • The label Donate_All now...
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Q1) I use
  • Hitbox - supported
  • Connectcast
  • Twitch - supported
  • Streamup
  • Dailymotion
  • Youtube - supported
Any chance of adding Connecast, Streamup & Dailymotion to the bot?

Q2) How is the bot different from Ubiquitous2?
It is not a bot. The program captures the messages from the site and displays them with some sort of design.
Bot in the program too, but it is very simple and only for Twitch.

About Connectcast, Streamup, Dailymotion.
I do not plan to add them. Especially that some even do not have a chat. I do not need to add these sites. I have absolutely no purpose to maintain all sites. Only those that are of interest to users. And those who can lead new users. I do not think that these can do.

Ubiquitous2 its another program. Its free. I know about it, and the author know.
I will not carry out a comparative analysis of it, and my program. All information you can find in topic or website.
I can only say that a very large percentage of my users used other programs before, including Ubiquitous2. And almost all say it is a very different level. I have a better quality and more opportunities. Better support.
rutony updated RutonyChat with a new update entry:

RutonyChat 2.10-11

  • Fixed the output links that could crush program
  • Alerts: Fixed if the sound is shorter than the time display
  • Alerts: Removed outside effects
  • Added support for
  • Fixed looping followers (its when you dont receive new messages)
  • New engine for Funstreams.
  • Fixed support for Youtube
  • Some links in a message is now displayed correctly
  • More better highlight private messages, is no longer highlighted message, if the nickname is found...
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rutony updated RutonyChat with a new update entry:

RutonyChat 2.12

  • Remove message: Server is unavailable for GoodGame API
  • Now labels update at start program
  • New option Text deleted messages, you can set specify text in the chat after moderation (for example, for the stream of Fallout 4 you can put [Sarcasm])
  • New effect for Alerts
  • Added setting display statistics, and now you can move it from the header in the bottom, a separate panel
  • Support for emoticons Emoji to all sites
  • Replace the current YouTube emoticons to emoticons Emoji...
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