rematrix-filter plugin

rematrix-filter plugin 1.0.1

This is an edit to my previous review. Basically, I didn't realize that I had to reconfigure my audio settings to use a surround sound setting. For me, I used Dolby 7.1, which split out all of my 8 channels in the audio mixer. Once I did that, rematrix-filter worked flawlessly, and was able to mute all inputs except for the master channel.

To describe my setup:
I have a Traktor Kontrol Z2 mixer with 8 input channels.
I only wanted to capture the master input which is the mix of all the other inputs. Without the Dolby 7.1 audio setting, and without rematrix-filter, I could not do that. OBS would clamp on all the inputs, including the phono inputs. So what I did is filter out (muted) every input except for the master input. Brilliant!
Excellent stuff!

With this plugin, you can independently mute, adjust volume, use push-to-talk/mute hotkeys and assign filters to audio input channels. So for example you can have two mono inputs instead of a single stereo input. This is an essential feature for any audio related application.

Here's how it's done on a two channel audio interface:

1. Add two separate Audio Input Capture sources for your audio interface and name them Input 1 and Input 2 (or something like that).
2. Make sure Downmix to Mono is not selected on the sources.
3. Assign Rematrix filters to Input 1 and Input 2.
4. Open Rematrix settings.
5. On Input 1 select (target) Channel 1 and set (source) Channel 1 to 100% and (source) Channel 2 to 0%. Do the same thing for (target) Channel 2.
6. On Input 2 select (target) Channel 1 and set (source) Channel 1 to 0% and (source) Channel 2 to 100%. Do the same thing for (target) Channel 2.

Now you have two separate mono inputs. Yay!
Love it! Simple to use, does the job perfectly.
I just pushed a new version which preallocates a large enough buffer for all the swapping operations. (v1.0.1)