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OBS Lua Reload browser in preview scene V1.0.1

This script will refresh any browser sources in the preview window of studio mode. I create this script because I am using browser triggers to set PTZOptics camera to a specific preset. I have to have the preset in the browser normally trigger on the scene becoming active. This is so same camera fades do not trigger in preview normally (use a stinger to fade same camera).

This script should be considered beta. I am still trying to track down memory leaks.
Also in my "test" OBS system it is not displaying the button in scripts, but still works with a hot key.

I need to still move it to my git account, but should get that done in the next few days.

Any help on the memory leaks would be appreciated.

Special thanks to @Exeldro (refresh-browsers.lua) and @Alexik (scene-browser-refresh.lua) for setting me on the right track.
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  1. Updated script (no new features)

    The updated script comments out the pesky print statements, fixes the broken button link...