PTZ Controls

PTZ Controls v0.15.4

Hi everyone, I've just tagged another release. The big news in this one is I've implemented a basic ability to recall presets or move the camera when a scene becomes active in either program or preview. This is a very early prototype of the feature. Please try it out and give me feedback.

To use the feature, add a "PTZ Action" feature to the scene that you want to trigger camera movement on.

In other news, the UI layout has been improved and there have been a few bug fixes.
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v0.7.0 is out there with improvements all over the code. Now you can configure the baud rate for VISCA and Pelco protocols. Focus control buttons have been added. The dock layout has been shuffled around to make it easier to select presets, and lots of bug fixes. Please test!

Things are coming along quite well for this plugin, and I'm starting to think about when to do a v1.0 release. There are still some key features that I want to get added before reaching that point, such as proper matching sources to PTZ devices, providing an API for other plugins to use, like @norihiro's excellent Face Tracker, and a number of usability fixes that I've got in mind. Hopefully I'll be able to get these things done in the next couple of months.

In the mean time please keep using the pre releases and providing feedback on what works and what you'd like to see. Thank you to everyone who has submitted bugs and issues on the GitHub page. Keep them coming! They are very much appreciated.
First release candidate for v0.7.0. Several new features, including:

- Add focus controls to the dock
- Adding configurable baud rate
- Fix saving UTF-8 device and preset names
- Lots of bug fixes

Please test and report back if it is working.
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Another week, another release. Please test and let me know how it works.

In this release:
  • Compatibility fixes to support Cisco PrecisionHD cameras
  • Camera properties added to settings dialog (read only for now)
  • More presets displayed. 16 instead of 10
  • Added hotkeys for pan/tilt/zoom control
  • bug fixes
It has been a few weeks, so it is well past time for another release. The big headline in v0.5.0 is that support for the PELCO-P protocol has been merged. If you have a PELCO-P device, please do test and provide feedback.

Otherwise there have been lots of bug fixes and a few new features. The gamepad support is can now be turned on/off from the settings panel, keyboard modifies can be used on the pan/tilt buttons to adjust the speed, and information about VISCA devices is now outputted to the log (not the final location; camera info will be displayed in the settings dialog in the near future).

Go forth and test
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New week, new release. This release fixes a number of bugs and improves performance. Please test.
New test release. This release fixes a number of problems implementing the VISCA protocol which should result in more reliability overall. It also adds a workaround for detection of XBox gamepads on Windows.

Unfortunately, XBox gamepads are the only type of gamepad that works on Windows due to QGamepad using the XInput API. Support for other game controllers will require a different backend that uses directinput.

Please go and test
I've got VISCA over IP working now. It has been tested using Sony SRG-120DH cameras, but theoretically it should work with any camera that supports VISCA over UDP. Please test and let me know how it works for you.
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Big news this week: I've added support for VISCA over IP. The code is a little rough, so I've kept it out of the main branch, but for those of you who want to try it out, clone the "visca-over-ip-test" branch from the GitHub repo:
I've just uploaded the first Windows binary to GitHub. This first version supports the VISCA protocol (Serial port) and provides basic pan/tilt/zoom control as well as save & restore presets.

Please test and let me know what you think.
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