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Free OW Scoreboard Tool 6.1

Updates for 6.1*
-Added Paris
-Added Baptiste

*Versions between 4.0 and 6.1 were not posted to this site, but were posted on our website and discord.
Big part of this update is the addition of the General tab which introduces extra text boxes. Also in this update includes the addition of Moira. Some other minor art updates are included and some redesigns of existing functionality.
Removed Players 7 and 8
Added Section for Team SR
Added Section for Player Roles
Resized Panel and Adjusted Boxes


  • Added Doomfist to hero pool
  • Added hero class, game type, and map icons.
  • Implemented attack/defend feature.
  • Implemented map pool and map score feature.
Fixed loading match 3 previous info
Fixed bug with swap button on match 3 tab