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Free OW Scoreboard Tool 6.1


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pimpindacrib submitted a new resource:

OWUL Caster Panel - Overwatch University League Caster Panel

I am an admin over at Overwatch University League and we have been using Overwatch Broadcast Panel for a few months. With the way our casting schedule works and the practice we are trying to give our casters, I wanted to recreate the panel in a way the works for us. This new tool allows data from three matches to be inserted. Data includes: Team Names, Scores, 2...
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Love the panel, but got a couple of suggestions.

1. Need to be able to select number of maps played per match, or increase maps to 7, for BO7 matches.
2. Add the ability to read players and roles from a spreadsheet or csv when selecting a team to autofill. Not an easy one, I know, but would be so handy to be able to just pull team from dropdown and have the players and their roles autofill.
3. Players don't swap with their team when using the swap button.
4. Not a big one, but a way to include team logos as well.

Other than that, absolutely brilliant tool, and now that I have found it will be using in my own broadcasts down here in Australia. :)


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Hi there!

Love this tool and I use it all the time when I'm producing!

But a question on the map pool. Will there be Blizzard World and Busan added in the future, as well as Wrecking Ball? I don't see them added, so hopefully you are coming out with an update! Thanks!