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Free Overwatch Broadcast Panel 2016-05-18

Hey all,

I am pleased to announce that if you intend to stream Overwatch tournaments, I just made your lives a lot easier. Introducing the Overwatch Broadcast Panel. This panel has been tested at Dreamhack 2016 for the Overwatch BYOC Tournament so it is full production ready (with a minor bug here and there).


Allow for me to go over some features.

  • Ability to pull a Team roster via a text file (single line per person/team)
  • Side Switching to swap all the scores and text values for Attack and Defense
  • Load preset stream status displays
  • 3 Utility slots for anything you need to update fast (Caster Names, Map Name)
  • [Coming Eventually] Load Team Rosters and stats from the Blizzard Overwatch API and Excel Files
As for support. Right now feel free to reply to this resource thread if you have any questions or hit me up at @broadtaylor on Twitter

[Known Bug] Please create a "Graphics" directory inside the executing folder to get rid of that dialog that comes up at the start of the application.
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